Writer/philosopher/naturalist/tax evader Henry David Thoreau got it right: “We need the tonic of wildness…We can never have enough nature.”
No doubt about it. We all seek different opportunities to meld our physical, mental and spiritual health with the natural world. We ascend mountains. We take to whitewater rapids. And we shake up our routine with trail running.


Not familiar with trail running or been thinking about trying it? Come to a free trail running clinic on April 27th at 10:30 a.m. at Gay City State Park in Hebron, the site of a long-abandoned mill town. mission Fitness is partnering with the Hartford Marathon Foundation to get more people involved in this fun, inspiring activity.
Trail running offers experiences and challenges you can’t replicate on a paved route. Undulating terrain tests leg muscles differently than flat-surface running, and you connect with nature on a more personal level.


RSVP for this free clinic (or get more details) by emailing [email protected].


Join Our Six-Week Trail Running Training Program


Then sign up for a six-week trail running training program that will be held every Sunday morning from May 4 through June 8 at Gay City State Park as we teach you about the techniques and proper forms necessary for trail running. For $99, you’ll learn strategies for running uphill, downhill and through mud. Plus, discover the proper gear, etiquette and safety to use on the trail.


This training builds up to the Summer Solstice Trail Run at Gay City State Park on June 15 sponsored by the Hartford Marathon Foundation. For $119-$124, you can sign up for the training program and pay for your Summer Solstice Trail Run race entry at the same time.


Experience running in the raw. Take part in the free clinic, the training sessions or both. Before you run the trails, you should wear proper footwear and be able to run 2.5 miles at an 11-minute-per-mile pace.


Any questions? Drop us a line. See you out there!

About the author

Matt Mund is the owner and founder of Mission Fitness. He is dedicated to helping his clients of all fitness levels achieve their personal goals

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