"Triathlon". The word itself has a daunting impact on most. For so many, it is a race perceived as unattainable. I witnessed this tonight, while standing in line at Subway in Marlborough. The Triathlon had just ended, and several people waited in line with the fresh painted numbers on their arms, and hair still wet from the swim. At the end of the line was a man who looked to be in decent shape, mid forties. He asked them how far they ran, and when they explained it was a swim, bike, AND run….he was blown away. His exact words, "I could never do that". The ladies response, "neither could I 4 years ago".


I thought of the quote, "whether you think you CAN, or think you CAN'T, you are probably right". After over 4 years of personal training, one of the biggest things I have learned is that the MENTAL aspect of training and competition is the most important. It is many times what separates CAN from CAN’T. With maybe a SMALL exception, every single one of you who are reading this CAN do a triathlon. Whether or not you are ready to commit to it and set a goal to complete one is the question. It will take training, hard work, and commitment, but I can promise you it will be WORTH IT in the end.


I have realized that many do not attempt a Triathlon because they are intimidated by the swim or even the bike. Also, so many think that all three disciplines in one race is too much for them. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “I don’t want to come in last”. You are not alone, but I can gurantee you that there have been many before you that have thought the same thing and have attempted and completed a Triathlon! YOU CAN DO IT!! The first step is to sign up for one. Check out Lake Terramuggus Series in Marlborough, CT and Cedar Lake Series in Chester, CT. Both are beautiful courses, runextremely well.


Stay tuned for my next blog where I will give you some tips for training for your first triathlon, race tips for your first triathlon (what to have at your transition, what to wear, etc.) and soon we will have a couple “guest speakers” who will tell you about thier experience with triathlons!

About the author

Matt Mund is the owner and founder of Mission Fitness. He is dedicated to helping his clients of all fitness levels achieve their personal goals

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