What if you decided that in 2016 you would drop every fear that is holding you back? That you would stop allowing fear to limit what you’re capable of? What if you decided to see how far you could go when the fear of failure was set aside. What might you find out about yourself in pursuit of that dream you have? Because it is the pursuit of the dream where the real growth takes place. Achieving the goal is an added bonus, but even if you don’t achieve it, the strength & confidence you gain in the process will carry over into your daily life.

Les Brown says, “most people like to feel like they are Kings in the area of their own comfort zone. They only want to do those things that they know how to do well.” Osbouren says, “unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you have already mastered, you will never grow” So, if you want 2016 to be a year of growth, you need to set some stretch goals. Goals that scare the hell out of you, ones that at this point and time seem impossible. Don’t allow the fear of failure to dictate your life and your pursuit of happiness. After all happiness and fulfillment only come when you grow as an individual. Les Brown wisely says,
“If you’re not willing to risk, you cannot grow. If you cannot grow, you cannot be your best. If you cannot be your best, you cannot be happy. If you cannot be happy, what else is there?”

We want mission FITNESS to not only be a safe place for you to speak your lofty goals, but a place where you get all the support you need. Physical, emotional and mental support. We want it to be a safe place to fail, as long as you gave it all you had. That is why we invite you to take the first step to making 2016 your year. Send us you stretch goal along with a picture of yourself. We will post it on Facebook as well as the board at mission. Putting your goal out there is step one of the process. Make it a SPECIFIC goal and a stretch goal. Then, we will all work together to hold eachother accountable and support eachother.

*While we think putting your goal out there for others to see is a very important part of the process, we understand some may not be ready to do that. We understand, and would love for you to still send us your goals, just simply ask that it stays private.


2016: take every risk. drop every fear

About the author

Matt Mund is the owner and founder of Mission Fitness. He is dedicated to helping his clients of all fitness levels achieve their personal goals

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